Colorado Bow Hunter's Assoc. Jamboree (Part I)

In the summer of 2006 I went to the Colorado Bowhunters Association Jamboree. It was located at Camp Hale, a historic military base, in the mountains near Leadville. Events included calling contests, raccoon shoot, a dance, wing fling, swap meet, chili cook off and more. It was great to see many women and families attending!

The highlight for me was the 3D ranges that meandered through the mountainside. The photo on the right is me during one of the shoots. I enjoyed the reality of the bowshoot. They positioned the targets in realistic spots, including the edge of a cliff, the bottom of a cliff, and among rocks. In the end, I was pretty happy that I only lost 3 arrows!

The jamboree is a good outdoor vacation idea. There's camping onsite or lodging in Leadville.

In Part II, I tell you about the ATV'ing we did there that weekend and more about Camp Hale.

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