Conservation Catch of the Week

"As the officers left the boat's side the man continued to blame the woman for what had happened."

We have our first Conservation Catch of the Week posting! This Minnesota fisherman violated a fishing law, inaccurately tried to cover it up, AND in the end blamed his wife......naturally.

From this month's Minnesota Department of Natural Resources "Conservation officer tales": "While checking anglers, CO Mike Lee (Isle) along with CO Fitzgerald approached a boat with a man and women seated who appeared to be working on something very intently and quickly on one of the boat's benches. When they arrived at the boat's side the male party in the boat held up a very large walleye and stated, "Hey, look at its tail. Doesn't it look funny?" At that moment the individual dropped the walleye into the lake. Before dropping the walleye into the water, Officer Lee observed that the walleye's tail fin was completely straight with no natural curvature. Officer Fitzgerald was able to land the fish with a landing net because the fish was near death. Upon further inspection, it was clear the tail of the walleye had been cut. After a lengthy conversation, the man finally stated, "I saw you checking the other boats and panicked because the walleye was too big to keep. So I did the only thing I could think of - make the fish smaller. But when you came up to the boat I thought I better just get rid of the fish." After being informed that walleye do not have a perfectly straight tail fin, and that it was very obvious that it had been cut, Lee advised the man that he had not cut the tail fin short enough - it still measured 20 ½ inches, well into the restricted slot size. As the officers left the boat's side the man continued to blame the woman for what had happened."

So if the woman is to blame then she must have:
A. Wrestled with hubby until he gave up exhausted and agreed to cut the fish's tail.
B. Caught the fish orginally because she's the better fisherman.
C. Enabled him to be on the fishing boat in the first place by purchasing it for him.

Leave a comment and let me know which you think it is....or if I missed any possibilities?

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