Tips for Men Who Want Women to Enjoy the Outdoors

YOU love the outdoors, and think it might be kinda cool if your daughter, sister, wife, or girlfriend liked to do some of the same things. Maybe it's camping or hunting or wildlife photography or hiking. Whatever it is - you're ready to take her along! Once you get her hooked - great! However, the first impressions are what you can influence. I can't guarantee she'll become your outdoor buddy, but here's some tips to help you, to help her, to like it!

1. Make sure she has and then wears the right clothes.
This is a huge discussion on its own. To like what she's doing, she must be comfy! Temperature is most important, then the prevention of blisters/scratches, and then getting the right fit.

2. Get her into it mentally.
Talk it up! Be excited! Mention the things she might like. "Hon, you'll just love all the bird sounds!" Then when you are out there, point out the bird sounds. Espcially mention things that are unrelated to what you are doing. For example, if you are deer hunting, talk about the squirrels. That way if she doesn't see any deer, or it takes hours to see them, she'll be interested in other things going on in the woods too. This works especially well for kids.

3. Give her a task.
Don't just have her next to you to observe what you are doing. Give her something to do - and NOT just a token task like carrying some of your gear. She should have her own gear (even if it's borrowed), like binoculars. Then ask her to use the gear for a specific reason. "Can you glass that side of the meadow for me, so that I can focus on this side?" Or put her in charge of the campfire, or ask her to pick 3 trees for you to photograph, etc.

4. Review the event.
Afterwards, celebrate the event somehow. For you the day in the woods may be the whole she-bang. But women like to recap events, savor them, talk about them. So let her do that! Maybe go out to eat and discuss the day, or review the photos together that night, or if it's a child, draw pictures with her related to the day. I know this may be the hardest part for some men - but it'll be worth it!

Those are my general tips for you. If you have any questions, I'd love to explain any of these in more detail or spout ideas for you (I'm good at ideas!).

Oh, I almost forgot another important tip - BRING TOILET PAPER! We need it.

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