What to Wear for ATV'ing

A few summers ago, we went on a fun outdoorsy vacation - four-wheeling in northern Wisconsin. Since it was my first All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) "trip" where that was the primary activity, I wasn't sure which clothes to take. My friend said what to wear was "personal preference" and gave me no pointers. While that's true, it's also not very helpful when packing. So here's my advice for you, if you are about to go on your first trip.

First off, I recommend jeans over shorts. It's not fun when your legs stick to the vinyl seat. They also offer better protection against the junk that kicks up (rocks, mud, sticks). Either shoes or boots would be fine, but not sandals. Shirts/jackets depends on the weather, no particular recommendation there. Don't forget to wear a supportive bra - the trails are bumpy. Do wear a pair of gloves whether you're riding or driving - your hands will be happier.

Finally I highly recommend a full face helmet. I saw some ladies with helmets, some with just goggles, and one with goggles and a bandana over her nose and mouth (which looked particularly uncomfortable.). My full-face helmet worked great. I didn't have any bugs in my teeth, mud balls in my ears, or grit in my eyes. The greatest advantage is that I felt safe from brain damage even when the stupid idiot came flying around a blind corner too fast and almost hit us.

Let me know if you have any questions. A good resource would also be the local ATV club. They will know the usual trail conditions and there's sure to be some women who are members. Happy trails!!

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