Cabela's Master Catalog Fall 2007 - Reviewed for Women

(Note: This is an old post, but I'm keeping it on here for nostalgic purposes...)

You've probably gotten Cabela's newest catalog in the mail by now. So how does it rate for the outdoors woman? Here's a review...

Navigation - Grade B
Women's items are generally marked with both pink text and a women's logo box, which is eyecatching on the page if you are looking for it. I was impressed by the entries in the Table of Contents (ToC) for Women's Hunting Clothing, Activewear, Outerwear, and Underwear/Sleepwear. However, they totally missed many pages that DO have women's items, but aren't listed in the ToC. As an example, for Women's Hunting Clothing they list: 24-25, 55, 66-69 (this should be 68-69), 71, 91. But they missed pages 28-31, 97, 99-100, 260, 262, 265, 267, which also have women's.

Selection - Grade B+
I personally think it's important for women to have pants, bibs, gloves, and shoes sized specifically for them. Jackets and shirts are a bit less important - you can usually find men's sizes that will do. I found pants/bibs for women for waterfowl, upland, general hunting, plus rainwear. The glaring items missing? No blaze orange pants/bibs, and no camoflage gloves for the ladies! I have to give them some credit, they did pretty good on selection otherwise.

Now, as for how the items rate specifically, you'll have to let me know! (Or if I buy any, I'll let you know!) **Posted a day later...Hey, I just found out that Cabela's has a magazine - who knew?**

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