Gander Mountain as an employer

Did I ever mention that I used to work at Gander Mountain? I was mostly in the camping, clothing, and footwear areas, but I got to help out in archery and hunting also. It was a great experience because they really encourage the employees to know the gear, use the gear, talk to the customers about gear. The pay? Pretty low, and I spent all of it right back in the store. But the employee discount helped and I had fun talking 'outdoors' for a job.

My favorite part was providing product recommendations. I didn't get as much skepticism as you'd think. Once I related my personal experience with an item they would listen immediately, apparently disregarding gender. I got the most disbelief from a new manager when I said I was the store expert on camoflage. He tested me by grabbing a garment and asking 'What's this?' and I answered correctly and he moved onto the next, "What's this?" It got my back up, so I whipped through the racks, rattling off the types of camo, "Realtree Hardwoods Gray; Realtree Advantage Timber -my personal fav; Mossy Oak Break Up; Break Up again; Realtree Hardwoods Green..." "Ok, ok! I get it, you know your camo." and he moved on to annoy someone else. I was puffed up proud of myself for a while after that!

Any other Gander alumni out there??

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