Hunting Big Bad Mice

My ex-boyfriend was so excited to deer hunt with me one fall. He had tricked out our box stand with the backseat of an old car. Wait, it's not what you're thinking - he was looking forward to the HUNT, not the backseat if you know what I mean. I was skeptical about sitting on something that mice may have moved into. I have a fear of close encounters with mice - a big fear. He reassured me there were no mice. So as we sat silently in the pre-dawn light, I suddenly twitched. "There's something moving under my butt!" He scoffed, "Shhh, sit still!!" Then I heard a scuffle in the leaves in the corner of the blind. "I heard a mouse in the blind!", I squeaked. He again scoffed, "It's just the wind. Shh!" I tried so hard to ignore it, and watch for deer, but I was really just starting to watch for mice. The upholstery vibrated under my seat again. I softly pounded my fist on the cushion as my boyfriend glared at me. I hissed, "There's a mouse in there." Then I saw it, it scurried into the leaves in front of me! I jumped to my feet and screeched, "I TOLD YOU THERE WAS A MOUSE!!"

The natural result of a screeching, jumping hunter??? 40 yards away from the stand, three deer sprang out of the tall grass and I swear I heard one of them say to the others, "I TOLD YOU THERE WAS A HUNTER!!"

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