Hunting Items are HOT at Rummage Sales

I just finished with hosting a rummage sale and guess what the HOT HOT items were? Anything camoflage or hunting related! The only things that didn't sell were those I priced high because I secretly wanted to keep them. I placed the hunting items on a table closest to the street so that the guys would notice and get out of the vehicle to inspect. The buyers were a mix of boys, men, and women who hoped they were getting something their husband would like.

There was one woman who tried on the camo hat, and for a moment I got my hopes up that she was a wild woodswoman! But then she turned to her friend and said, "Is it 'me'?" and they both laughed at her joke. But at the end of the sale I got the last laugh - It was one of the things I had secretly wanted to keep. And when I try it on and look in the mirror it IS 'me'!

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