I probably caught the same dumb fish 20 times…

You never think of your parents as having crazy hunting stories – at least I didn’t. I figured that I’d have heard them all by the time I was 18. Not so! Years after I started hunting, I was talking with my mom about something and she says, “That reminds me of the time I went hunting with your dad right after we got married." I said, "You went hunting?? I had no idea!"

So she told me the story, "Your dad was bow hunting with his brother, and they wanted me to drive deer for them.” (Side note here – I double checked this. It WAS a deer drive for 2 bow hunters – traditional bows no less!) “But I was nervous about getting shot accidentally, so I kept on waving my arms and yelling ‘Hey I’m down here!!’ Eventually, they had me stop because I was scaring all the deer, which I thought was the point, but I guess it wasn’t. Then I went and sat by a creek, and found a line and hook tangled in the brush. I untangled it, tied it to a stick and started fishing. And wouldn’t you know, I caught fish after fish after fish. I kept throwing them back in, but I must have caught 20 or more fish! Now that I think about it, I probably caught the same dumb fish 20 times. You dad came back to the truck after hunting and didn’t believe me. I’m not sure he ever believed me, but it was true!”

This is my all-time favorite story from my mom – it seems so extraordinary and random! I love stories like this!

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