Paulette Bunyan - A Beyond BOW Event

Heard of BOW? Curious about it? Way back in April 2001, I attended a Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) - Beyond BOW event called "Paulette Bunyan." The 2-day event included lodging in cute cabins, eats, classes, and fun side events. The classes were Forestry 101, Forest communities, Chainsaw safety, Tree ID, Tree climbing, Maple syrup making, Building nest boxes, Map and compass and Tree planting. (No, I didn't remember these class names from that long ago. I had to ask Peggy Farrell the director to refresh my memory!) You select your classes ahead of time - 2 per day. The whole weekend was very fun and a good opportunity to learn targeted outdoor skills or info. It also confirmed that I love the outdoors and there's lots of other women who do too!

What I love about BOW, is that its not just about hunting and fishing. Indeed, there were quite a few women in Paulette Bunyan that never hunted or fished. To be an outdoorswoman doesn't necessarily mean you want to shoot something, and they accomodate that with plenty of non-hunting related classes. If you are interested in learning about BOW in your area, visit and click on "Find a workshop near you."

Have any of you attended a BOW event? What did you think?

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