What Is a Wild WoodsWoman?

One spring I was setting up for turkey hunting with a friend. Knowing that we were likely going to find a tree to sit against, he had carefully made himself a back board and brought it with him. We each found our tree, and he arranged his back board and sat against it comfortably. I must have looked less than comfortable leaning against my tree because he looked at me sympathetically and said, "I'll make you one when we get back to the house." I confidently replied, "That's OK, I'll make one right now." and I pulled a camp saw out of my pack, cut a forked branch off a dead limb and leaned it against my tree. He looked at me in disbelief like he'd never seen a woman do something like that before (Self-sufficiently make herself comfortable in the woods? I'm sure he hadn't.) - and out of nowhere I dramatically flung my arms out and said "I AM a wild woodswoman!" We both laughed and moved on with the day. But it stayed with me as the moment that I really KNEW that I belonged in the woods. So this is what I think a wild woodswoman is and why I started this site....

A wild woodswoman is one who knows she belongs outdoors,

even if no one else believes it.

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