Camping on the Bluff

We went camping Monday night on a rock bluff - it was wonderful! Yes, that is a significant drop off the bluff right next to us. We actually dropped something by the corner of the tent in the dark and it bounced, tumbled, bounced, and slid for what sounded like 2 minutes before stopping at the bottom of the cliff. We had to use our Northwest Territory Streamside II dome tent (affectionately called the "circus tent") because our technical tent (the budget-minded Guide Series Dragonfly) needs to be staked down. The "circus tent" is free standing - aka, not staked down into solid rock. (Therefore able to blow off the side of the bluff....)

We made ourselves a little campfire and everything. Pretty good for a 10 minute drive and 5 minute hike at dusk! All night there was some animal or bird making a plaintive call every 5 minutes or so - I'll have to do some research to figure out what it was. I thought it was a fawn, and my boyfriend thought it was a bird. In the early hours at dawn, a doe must have wanted to take her usual path down the bluff and we were in the way. So she send a series of about 9 or 10 blows our way. Phfeww! Phfeww! --Camping, Ya gotta love it!

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