Fishing for the Young at Outdoor U

Outdoor U had a great post on taking a youngster fishing. The tips and suggestions in it were so great, that I had to link to it. I recommend you read the full version, but here's a sampling of my favorite ideas from the original post:

  • Don't use Mickey Mouse gear even for small children. Tackle foul-ups are just as frustrating for them as they are for you.

  • Kids want ACTION. They don't care if their fish are small.

  • Make a big deal out of whatever they reel in.

  • We happen to think it's a good idea to take some fish home to eat. It teaches kids there's nothing wrong with harvesting a few fish according to the state and local laws. Kids should know that there is a food chain and they are part of it.

And there's more good ideas than just those. It's a well written post!

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