Hunter’s Education Courses Are For Everybody

It rare that I come across another blog post that I just HAVE TO link to, but I found one today. Darrell at had a very good post about how Hunter’s Education Courses Are For Everybody, which has provoked lively discussion (from me too). I would love it if you would take the time to read his thoughts. It gives good arguments about why to take a hunter's safety course whether or not you're planning on hunting.

Although it's not written specifically about women, he does say,

"I married my wife who was a bonified city girl from a very non-hunting family. During the first year of our marriage, I asked her to take the course. She had no interest in hunting and no desire to kill anything. She didn’t really understand my desire to hunt. Yet, because she loved me, she agreed to take the course. After she completed the course she still didn’t have a desire to hunt
(although she was willing to tag along with me). She did, however, understand hunting, hunters, and our role in conservation. Imagine my pride when she would explain the important role that hunters play in conservation to her friends.

When I listen to some guy moaning about his wife not liking that he hunts,I generally don’t feel a lot of compassion. “Has she been through the hunter education course?”, I ask. “Are you daft man? She doesn’t want to hunt!” is the usual reply. “Send her through the course. She’ll then understand hunting and your life will be much less miserable!” is my statement of fact."
Thank you Darrell for the great post!!

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