Missing Elk Huntress Found!

A 76-year-old woman missing from an elk hunting trip in the Wallowa Mountains in Oregon since late August was found alive Thursday, according to an article on ABC News online. ”For two weeks, Doris had struggled to survive in the rugged wilderness of the Wallowa Mountains in eastern Oregon. Doris and Harold were on an elk hunting trip in the mountains when their truck trailer got stuck. Harold broke his wrist trying to free the vehicles, then the two lost track of each other after hiking out to find help. Harold was found, but Doris disappeared.”

Let this be another reminder to anyone going out into the wilderness – be prepared for a “hike out” emergency or medical emergency even when you have a vehicle and communication devices. Trucks break, GPS’ can’t get links, cell phones lose reception. It also highlights the importance of a travel plan. This particular situation could have been avoided if they had given a detailed travel plan to family, stuck to it, and then waited for help.

Be smart and safe outdoorswomen and outdoorsmen!

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