Women In The Outdoors - Program Overview

For another great international program for outdoor women, I highly recommend looking into the Women In The Outdoors Program. It is sponsored by the National Wild Turkey Federation, but is not at all just about turkeys. According to their website, through their program “women have discovered that camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, shooting, boating and bird watching are fun ways to reconnect with special people in their lives. Participants also learn the importance of wildlife management and the role hunters play in conservation.”

Women In The Outdoor events are held throughout the United States and Canada. At them, women receive expert instruction and the opportunity to try a variety of outdoor activities. You can become a member of the organization, and receive a quarterly magazine dedicated to women's interests.

Events are held locally and organized by a regional coordinator. Each event also has a team of planners, donors, and volunteers to get it going and run it smoothly. A sample list of events that may be taught are: ATV Safety, Bird watching, Kayaking, Fishing, Handgun Basics, Habitat Improvement, Primitive Cooking, Scuba Diving, Stream Ecology, and Turkey Hunting. For a more detailed list, including course descriptions, click here.

Keep in mind that you can help start and event in your area! I recently interviewed Karyl Utke, one of the regional coordinators, and she said all you have to do is contact a regional coordinator to get started on the planning!

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