Women in the Outdoors - Q&A with Karyl Utke, Regional Coordinator

In Sep. 2007 I had the opportunity to interview Karyl Utke, Wisconsin’s Regional Coordinator for the Women In The Outdoors Program at the time. For more information on this great program, see my earlier post here. Karyl and I discussed the Women In The Outdoors Program and her personal outdoor experiences.

Q. How did you get involved in Women in the Outdoors?
A. I was a volunteer for the National Wild Turkey Federation both on a local and state level. They started the Women in the Outdoors program in 1998 and I applied for the Regional Coordinator position and was hired in November of 1998. We did our first pilot event in Wisconsin in August of 1998.

Q. As a regional coordinator for Women in the Outdoors, what are your responsibilities?
A. As a Regional Coordinator it is my responsibility to work with committees of women to do events in their area. I will help them find the facility, instructors, provide the equipment, facilitate the event, provide pr for the event, and provide all the tools and resources necessary to have a successful event.

Q. What has been your most memorable Women in the Outdoors event?
A. They all are memorable, mainly because all of the women I have meant and the friends I have made while in this position. This has been the most rewarding job for me because not only am I learning with the participants but I also see them attend these events not sure what to expect and leave with a lot of confidence knowing that they tried something new and had fun while doing it.

Q. What has been your personal experience in the outdoors? What outdoors activities do you enjoy?
A. I enjoy camping, dutch oven cooking, trapshooting, archery, deer hunting, turkey hunting, and anything pertaining to the outdoors.

You can also visit the Women in the Outdoors website to find the contact information for the regional coordinator in your area.

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