Arm Guards for Female Archers

From a purely female archery hunter perspective - women need to use arm guards. Shocking statement on the bad form of women? NO!

Every time I recommend that a woman use an arm guard, the man next to her will say, "But if your form is good, the string won't hit your arm." Yeah, but even with perfect form it is likely that the woman is going to have a problem when she's actually hunting (especially in cold weather).

Why? Because of the lack of women's hunting coats, she is probably wearing one sized for men. This means that the arm length is a smidgen too long, which means that it's slightly bunched up. Bunched up fabric on the arm leads to...yep, the string catches on the fabric. The problem gets bigger when it's cold and there's extra clothes beneath the coat. An arm guard is ideal for holding back and snugging in all the extra fabric!

So ladies, the next time you hear a condenscending comment about "not needing them", take a moment to enlighten the guys on why using an arm guard may not have anything to do with your form!

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