No More Archery in Archery Park

Imagine a wonderful world where city-dwellers could walk a few blocks and arrive at a magical place called "Archery Park". There would be targets, earthern berms, and shooting towers for happy little archers to use for practice. The peaceful sound of rushing water would fill the air from the beautiful river alongside the park. Ah...what a wonderful world it would be.

There WAS such a place in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, until recently a sign showed up in Archery Park prohibiting the use guessed it...bows and arrows. According to an article in the Leader-Telegram, "The park was closed to archery in September after a neighbor complained of finding an arrow in his yard." Apparently, the latest in a smattering of complaints over the years.

I think it's regretful to lose a beautiful and convenient place to practice, but I can't say I totally disagree with the decision. Better do it now, than after an arrow pierces a kid playing in her yard. Such a park did seem too good to be true!

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