President Bush spends day fishing, bird-watching

October 20, 2007 - President Bush spent the day outdoors Saturday doing public relations for his conservation credentials, according to an article on

"It was all part of an effort to burnish his conservation credentials while announcing new initiatives that he said would protect migrating birds and two fish species, red drum and striped bass, prized by anglers. Bush, noting that migrating bird populations are threatened by increasing development along their flyover routes, said his administration would award private landowners "credits" they could sell, mainly to federal agencies, to encourage them to set aside "stopover habitats" for more than 800 species of migratory birds."

He also mentioned potential tax breaks for conservation easements. Then he went fishing and a WOMAN SHOWED HIM UP!! (You knew there was a reason I was highlighting this story!)

"Traveling to Maryland's Eastern Shore, Bush took a private charter for an hour of fishing with Chris and Melissa Fischer, hosts of ESPN's "Offshore Adventures" show. As Bush mimed catching a big fish for the cameras, Melissa Fischer reeled one in from the bay's choppy waters. Bush said an order he signed would direct the Commerce and Interior departments to further build up stocks of striped bass and red drum, by working with state and local officials to prohibit sales of the fish caught up to 200 nautical miles out in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico."
Bush ended his remarks with a funny jab at Cheney's accidental shooting of a hunter while quail hunting last year. "I love to fish. And the good news, there's a lot of good fishing here ... because the Secret Service won't let me go hunting with him."

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