Gun Hunting from a Ground Blind

Do you hunt in the chilly north, but can't put up a permanent gun hunting stand? Then I highly recommend hunting from a ground blind!

Where I hunt, there's no particular reason you'd need to hunt from an elevated stand because of the hills, dips and valleys in the landscape. We aren't allowed to put up permanent stands on the private land I hunt, and finally it's cold. Cold, cold! After years of shivering in a tree stand, only to freeze out and head in the house to warm up, I purchased a pop up ground blind. I LOVE IT!

I love it because it's cozy - I'm protected from most of the wind, rain, snow. My movements are hidden and muffled. I can bring lots of stuff (like a book, lunch, extra gear, blankets, etc.) that will all fit right next to me. I can sit in a ground blind all day, which optimizes my hunting time!

The blind is put up in my "spot" about two weeks or more ahead of time (no trees necessary!), and the deer don't even glance at it by the time I sit for hunting. I stake and tie it down - learned that lesson the hard way. It's made of camo material, but I also add natural camoflage around it like branches, grass, etc. Inside I clear out anything crunchy from the ground, and add a comfy chair. When I'm putting it up, I take a snippers and clear my shooting lanes while I'm there. Then I leave it alone until the day or two before hunting. Then I put in anything that I want to have on opening day - but don't want to carry in that morning. Like an extra chair for gear or a buddy, water bottle, seat cushion, book, etc. The big debate for me is whether to open the zip down windows then, or to wait until morning. I think I've decided to open them the day before to minimize the VERY LOUD ZIPPER SOUNDS in the morning.

I sat in my blind in the rain once, and realized I should have used seam sealer (waterproofing product) on the seams because rain was dripping in there. But other than that, I'm very well protected from the weather. One consideration to remember though, is to hang blaze orange outside your blind when gun hunting. It defeats the safety purpose of wearing blaze orange otherwise!

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