If I'm not Blogging, I'm Hunting!

Tomorrow is opening day of gun season!! I've been busy getting ready for that. Plus last weekend, we went out bow hunting and saw 3 bucks which made me really get in the mood for hunting this weekend. Since I've been too busy to write, here's some links to articles about women hunting that came out recently. Good luck hunting!!

Girl power: Teen schools guys on how to bag deer
"Rachel Woodard might be a Ravenna High School cheerleader, but she's far from all pompoms and pigtails. The 17-year-old senior is an avid deer hunter who already has bagged six deer, including two seven-point bucks."

Hunting: Despite overall decline in license sales, more women are taking up hunting
"A 2005 five-year survey by the National Sporting Goods Association painted a rosier picture of female hunting participation, claiming a 72 percent increase nationwide. "We can explain decreases in men," said Mark Duda of Responsive Management, a Virginia firm that tracks and interprets outdoors trends. "Male hunters live in rural areas and they're aging. As to why female participation is increasing, that's more of a mystery, since it appears to span various age groups, incomes and levels of education."

My favorite quote from this article? "Something is happening with women and hunting."

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