Starting up a Women in the Outdoors Event

I've mentioned the Women in the Outdoors program a few times (here and here). It really interests me, and I decided that I want to participate. But there were no events right in my area, so I took it a step further and contacted someone to help start one. If this is something you may be interested in too, and are wondering about it, here's how it's going!

Karyl is the regional coordinator, and she had also gotten emails of interest from another woman in my area that also wanted to start an event. After a few scheduling emails back and forth, we met at a local restuarant. The first thing we had to determine was the location of the event. We brainstormed beforehand and at the meeting and came up with three possible options: a 4-H outdoor education camp, a rod and gun clubgrounds, a wildlife area with an educational center. We chose one as our first choice, and then checked Karyl's schedule for dates. We selected 3 dates that didn't correspond with any other Women in the Outdoor events (especially those close by), and that worked for the three of us. The next step is to call our first choice location and schedule one of the three dates we selected - hoping they had those dates open! If they don't we'll work our way down the list of locations.

After that is settled, we'll meet again to work on the next phase of planning a Women in the Outdoors event. Check back for updates!

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