Emergency Kit in Your Vehicle

It's a winter wonderland up here! The snow keeps falling and falling and falling! I'm hearing about all kinds of people going off the roads and into the ditch - yikes. For all of you in snowy climes, don't forget to have emergency items in your vehicle. Here's a list of possibilities:

Stay warm!
Gloves/mittens, wool socks, coat, boots, a blanket, hand warmers

Get out!
Cell phone/charger, booster cables, shovel, windshield scraper, tire chains/rope, road salt and sand, tool kit, road maps, compass

Wait for help!
Snacks, water, blaze orange flags, flashlight/batteries, emergency flares, first aid kit, waterproof matches and a can (to melt snow for water)

In more extreme locations, you may also want to include battery-powered radio/batteries. Personally, I've got the gloves, socks, boots, blanket, hand warmers, booster cables, scraper, maps, snacks. I'm planning on adding cell phone charger, flares, first aid kit, flashlight, and matches. Guess I'd better get going on that now that we've got over a foot of snow on the ground!


Kristine said...

Very good post Dana. We've been getting a lot of snow here too, and it's supposed to be quite nasty tonight. Having a kit such as your describe in your car can make all the difference should you have an accident.

SimplyOutdoors said...

An excellent idea and post!

Anonymous said...

Another good thing to carry with you is a bag of kitty litter---sounds strange but works great to put under your tires to get traction.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

This is a great post! Here in the Kootenays, it's very cold and so much snow for the next 2 or 3 months so this is important!

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Matt said...

Good post. I carry a lot of stuff like that in my truck (even though it doesn't snow much here.) People think I'm a kook, but you never know when you might encounter an emergency situation in which you need all that gear!

Windyridge said...

I found this survival tool and wrote about it in one of my blogs. It's pretty neat :
We always have a kit of some sort and candles and warm packs just in case. Upstate NY can be very cold and if your car breaks down on a less traveled road, and there are many here, it could be a dangerous situation.

Dana @ The Wild WoodsWoman said...

Good tips everyone! The other thing about adding a bag a of kitty litter is that it'll add weight to the back of car for better traction too.

Dr. Fessler said...

Hi Dana. My name is Jennifer Fessler Salazar. If my name is familiar to you (not sure if I've reached the correct person), please get in touch with me. I am also on Facebook. -Jen

Dave said...

I like your post and list of items. I would also suggest having some candels they throw off enough heat to help warm your vehilce. I have a can of emergency candels the metal lid holds the lit candle. Dont forget they will melt in the summer!I also found a posting for what fish and how much women should eat. It's at,48.msg57.html#msg57