My first time cross-country skiing

Today was an outdoor first for me - the first time that I ever tried cross country skiiing! Someone gave me some old skis and poles, and a friend of mine loaned me some boots to try it out. I have downhill skied before so this wasn't a total stretch for me, and it went pretty well. I went on some paths on our land that were snow covered, so I think if I'd get them more packed down it would work better. To me it felt like a workout effort (which I should do every day anyway), but rather than be on a treadmill or eliptical, I got to be outside in the woods! Now is working out my favorite thing to do? No. But since I should do it anyway, I think that from now on I'll try to throw this in to mix things up every once in a while.

For those of you who regularly cross country ski, I have a question. Do you prefer to ski with someone or on your own?

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