Notable Outdoor Women - Jennie Richardson

Outdoor Life Magazine just came out with "The Outdoor Life 25 - People Who Changed the Face of Hunting & Fishing" in the December/January 2008 issue. In it they recognize two women, Jennie Richardson and Julie Kay Smithson (more on Julie here). I wanted to provide you more information and links on these notable outdoor women!

Jennie Richardson is noted as a leader for her work in getting school children involved in archery. They say, "In 2002, educator and national champion archer Jennie Richardson was chose as the state coordinator for a fledgling program designed to introduce archery to middle school students...." They further describe how that program has grown to the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) that is "being taught in more than 40 state and 4 countries."

So who is Jennie Richardson? According to her website, Jennie has been an avid bowhunter and angler since she was a child. After suffering a shoulder injury that ended her days as one of the top softball coaches in Kentucky, Jennie learned to shoot her bow with her teeth “Tim Farmer-style” while she went through shoulder surgery. She was soon back to shooting competitive archery. Her time in Semi-Pro classes didn’t last long – as she won seven out of 14 tournaments in 1998 and was named Cabela’s Shooter of the Year and won the World’s Championship. She is a two time World Champion, has logged 87 Top 10 finishes, 26 Top 5 finishes, 21 Top 3 finishes and six wins. (As of today when I got the info off her website - these numbers may have changed by the time you read this!) This list of accomplishments on her website is VERY impressive!

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