Notable Outdoor Women - Julie Kay Smithson

Outdoor Life Magazine just came out with "The Outdoor Life 25 - People Who Changed the Face of Hunting & Fishing" in the December/January 2008 issue. In it they recognize two women, Julie Kay Smithson and Jennie Richardson (more on Jennie here). I wanted to provide you more information and links on these notable outdoor women!

Julie Kay Smithson is noted as an unsung hero for her devotion to the cause of property rights. After a run-in with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regarding an endangered species on her land, she tutored herself on the issues of land-use, and environmental and endangered species. Since then she has been educating landowners and sportsmen through her research and website PropertyRightsResearch.Org
As you look through her website, you will realize that Julie takes very polarizing stances on specific subjects. You will likely agree wholeheartedly, or will be vehemently opposed to what she is saying. She's an interesting selection for Outdoor Life to add to their list - I doubt that she will be admired by the majority. She could serve however as a great resource for those who are struggling with land rights.
Unfortunately, I have to veer toward being opposed to her views. Specifically, I cannot agree with her comment on her website that "Climate change, i.e., 'global warming' OR 'global cooling,' has virtually zilch to do with production of so-called 'greenhouse gases'." Such disregard for the extensive research and intelligence of independent scientists world-wide, who state that humans are in fact accelerating the climate change, is an extremely arrogant and "cause-centric" stance and it makes her look foolish. I certainly would select her as an expert on land use rights, but I highly doubt that she's also a climatologist experienced in current climate research and theory.

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