Choosing a Site - Planning a Women in the Outdoors Event

We're still working on planning the Women in the Outdoors event that I mentioned in this earlier post. Here's an update of how the process is going.

One of the dates we selected will work for our first choice of the 4-H outdoor education camp. We chose that because a successful event has been held there before, it's centrally located, and it's on the water so that we can include water-based activities. To reserve the camp, we have to put a small deposit down. From what I understand, the actual initial money will come from one of the local NWTF chapters, and then we'll pay them back after we receive the registration money from the participants.

The next step is a fun one - selecting which courses to offer! In the end, we'll offer 12 or so courses and each participant will pick their top 4 choices. (Four courses in the one-day event.) So as planners, we have to narrow down to 12, from a hugely interesting list of possibilities! It should be a good mix that will appeal to shooters and non-shooters, crafters and non-crafters, water lovers and land lovers, etc. We're going to each narrow the big list that Women in the Outdoors provided, down to 15 or so each. Then the three of us will debate from our individual lists when we get together next. Finding instructors is a big factor in the selection.

I'll let you know which events we pin it down to!

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