Pro Athlete hunts with his wife

I found an old story on ESPN Outdoors about Cincinnati Reds pitcher Brian Bohanon. In it, he talks about how "his fondest hunting memory doesn't include a time when he was behind the scope. It was scoping out his spouse, Tina, as she took down an 8-point deer on her very first hunting trip, the first time she ever handled a rifle."

In the full story, Brian talks about his love of hunting and how he assisted his wife on that day. "I was just telling her about shot placement, where to put the crosshairs. I knew the gun was sighted in and it was going to shoot right there. I was just whispering in her ear, 'Just find the shoulder and just go about 2 inches behind it, and, once you get to that point, whenever you're not moving, pull the trigger.' "

He also talks about when his wife decided to start hunting, "I didn't really force her into it. She made the decision on her own to go and do it. And when she said she wanted to go, I said, 'Let's go.' I didn't coax her into it." Sounds like good tips for all the guys out there who'd like their wives/girlfriends to hunt!

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