Selecting Courses - Planning a Women in the Outdoors Event

I have an update on our event planning for Women in the Outdoors! (Previous posts here and here.) We finalized our volunteer instructors and pinned down which courses we are going to offer. Attendees will rank their choices (1-8) on the sign up sheet, and will get 4 of their 8 choices. That is subject to class size, instructor availability, etc. There may be some cancellations which would affect that. But hopefully not!! Here's our class list:
Improv Acting/Humor Coaching
Gun Cleaning/Maintenance
Self Defense
Belly Dancing
Turkey Calling
Voyaguer Canoeing
Dutch Oven Cooking
Nature Journaling
Tree Identification
Learning about Raptors

What would be your top 4 selections?? The next step is to create our sign-up brochure and get it out into the community. I'll let you know what are the popular choices in a future post!


Matt said...

My top four choices: belly dancing, belly dancing, belly dancing and belly dancing.

Dana @ The Wild WoodsWoman said...

Nice Matt! *laughing* I've tried belly dancing, it's pretty fun. But I think my top four are Dutch Oven Cooking, Voyageur Canoeing, Nature Journaling, and Learning about Raptors (there's live birds at that one). I've tried most of the others except improv - I don't do stand up - no way no how!

Kristine said...

My top four would be

Dutch Oven Cooking
Improv Humor

Belly Dancing sounds interesting, but I've never been very coordinated and I don't much like dancing in public.

Dana @ The Wild WoodsWoman said...

Kristine, How I feel about doing improv/acting in public, must be similar to how you feel about dancing! You would really like geocaching I think.