2008 Olympics: Women Kayakers

Kayaking is an exciting sport, but kayak racing? That's a whole different level of muscles ladies! Women have a chance to show off those kayaking muscles and skills this summer at the Olympics. Here's a run down on the Olympic kayaking events in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Flatwater Kayak: The events include "K-2 500m (kayak double) Women ", "K-1 500m (kayak single) Women", and "K-4 500m (kayak four) Women", each referencing the number of women in the kayak and distance of the race. According to the "Official website of the Olympic Movement" (, flatwater racing is based in pure speed on the course and requires a calm water surface. Competitors are assigned to lanes.

Slalom Kayak: In slalom kayak racing, paddlers navigate through sets of poles called "gates" which are set-up amongst challenging rapids, currents, and eddies. In that there are similarities to slalom skiiing. Winners will complete the course in the shortest time, with the fewest penalties. Penalty times are added to the overall course time if the paddler touches one of the poles or misses a gate altogether. The event is called the Women's K1, and has traditionally been a 300-meter course.

If watching the kayaking events gives you the bug to try it, check out this website - Girls At Play. It's focused on getting women into kayaks!

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