Promoting - Planning a Women in the Outdoors Event

Phew - the work is halfway done! I'm volunteering to co-coordinate a Women in the Outdoors event for our area. In my previous posts on Starting an Event, Choosing a Site, Selecting Courses, I describe how we ironed out all the detail of when, where and what. Next we are working on the "Who?". Who will attend? Well, no one is going to attend unless you promote the event!

The Women in the Outdoors organization provides great colorful posters for giving event details and contact information. In addition, we glued pamphlet holders to each poster and stuck 8-12 pamphlets in each one. these posters are placed, with permission, at various locations including: gas stations, grocery stores, fitness centers, retail stores, libraries. I did check back at a few of these places and had to re-fill the pamplets. The fitness centers seemed to do the best.

Word of mouth is a great way to get participants. Both of us had people we knew personally send in registrations, which was great! I also set up a small display in the lobby of a local Gander Mountain store and handed out brochures to women. It worked better when I just handed a brochure to each woman, rather than asking if they wanted one.

We also did the standard promotions of registering our event on websites, and sending a press release to local magazines and newspapers. We did get good results from the newspaper coverage - several people called me from that. For us, it was a good idea to double check the website registrations. We asked for our brochure to be uploaded to the national Women in the Oudoors website. I later checked it and saw that some of the page breaks were offset and the brochure wouldn't turn out right when printed. So we had them re-upload the brochure. And thank goodness! I heard from one woman that she found our event by checking the national site. She also mentioned that she only looked at the events that had their brochure on the website, and disregarded those that didn't have the brochure readily available.

Almost right away, the registrations started pouring in! Check my next post for how our fundraising efforts went!

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